Cafe Racer Seat and Tank: Parts, Accessories, and Guides

Cafe Racer Seat and Tank: Parts, Accessories, and Guides for building your own Cafe Racer

             ** Notes and PRODUCTION TIMELINE UPDATE Winter 2015 **


*****All standard seats will be built to order unless I have one on the shelf… you can send me a message if you would like to know but build times are now 1-3 business days.   Upholstery will be 7-14 days out.

No custom orders or alterations at this point. Sorry.


At Cafe Racer Seat and Tank I provide Cafe Racer Parts and Accessories like seats,  and tanks.  My goal is to support you on your own Cafe’ Racer build.

We supply only the highest quality parts and accessories available. We will only sell parts that we would use on our own rides. We make all our cafe racer seats and tanks by hand and build them to the same standards that our own custom motorcycles receive.

In 2006 I started Twinline Motorcycles in Seattle to assist our customers in whatever capacity they required. We provided custom fabrication, upholstery, painting, motor building, dyno tuning, parts. We built a community that supports the culture and spirit of Cafe’ Racers.

With years of building custom Cafe’ Motorcycles that have been seen around the world we have the real experiance to advance your build.  This site provides information on products that are relevant to a home built project with install guides and tutorials.

Cafe Racer Seat and Tank also provides custom built seat, upholstery, and tank fabrication services. The services and products that are being developed for Cafe Racer Seat and Tank can be followed on Cheers –  Ian

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